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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all, my dear friends. May this Christmas bring you comfort, joy, peace and happiness to last throughout the coming year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A little red fox

A little red fox is my favorite image this December.
I've already went through Pinterest to see the beautiful fox photographs, bought a sleeping fox figurine at an antique shop, cross stitched a cute fox embroidery, and I am stamping my holiday gift tags with a little fox wearing a scarf image. Foxes are everywhere for me this Holiday season!
I mentioned this on our Etsy forum and one very talented artist sent me her fox painting to add to my collection.
What a wonderful surprise! Thank you, Elina from sublimecolors! I am framing it right now and it will be a part of our holiday decor this year.
Wait until you see the other images from her shop. The paintings are so beautiful and so colorful. There are stories behind each and all of them! Her images were also put on pillow cases and they are so pretty. I just love Elina's art.
The holidays are almost here and we are very busy with our custom orders this year. We are so grateful to our customers for letting us be a part of their gift giving. Please enjoy our product!   
Best wishes from socksandmittens this holiday season.

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Holiday tree cross stitch necklace DIY

This cross stitch necklace is a very quick project for the coming Holidays. I made mine in cheerful green and red Christmas colors but you can choose any colors you want.

 To make this, you need:
pre-made brass necklace with round pendant setting (I made my necklace together with Albina albinasjewelry)
white cardstock
white felt
linen to cross stitch
DMC threads
Fabric/ paper and all purpose glue
embroidery and beading needles, scissors, i

How to make this:

Measure your pendant diameter and cut a circle from cardstock and another one from felt to fit inside the circle. Cut a 3rd circle from a linen fabric but make it overlap the cardstock circle, about 1/4" all the way around.

Fold the linen circle to find the center of the design and stitch your little Christmas tree. Carefully iron it and start to assemble.
Glue the felt circle on top of cardstock. Place the stitched design on top of your cardstock & felt sandwich and make some small vertical cuts all the way around the linen circle to fold the extra fabric around the base. Add some glue around the cardstock perimeter and fold the excess of linen towards the center to make a perfect round stitched insert for your brass pendant. Place it in between 2 sheets of white paper and put in under a heavy book for about 10 minutes to make it flat.
Glue your finished ornament to the pendant setting with all purpose glue. Place it under the book to grip for 10 more minutes. Sew the beads around the perimeter.
Here is a free cross stitch chart for you to make this, A Holiday Tree:
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Blue Christmas, A Christmas tree to cross stitch

While I am making some new small cross stitch patterns for the coming Holidays I'd like to add one to match the previous Snowflake one. You will find it here in my previous post. 
I made both ornaments a long time ago, both ornament look pretty together and continue the theme of a Blue Christmas.

Both of these patterns are very simple and you can finish your project over the weekend.

Please enjoy this free pattern. Happy Holidays! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Warm hands, warm heart

This Fall and winter season is so unusually cold for our warm state. I constantly need something warm over my shoulders and a cup of hot tea. The weather is still very pleasant, just the right temperature for warm and cozy things.

The warm and cozy mittens for those, who have real winters are already in our socksandmittens shop. 
We choose mostly traditional Christmas red, white and green shades to make these but we also have some other pretty colors. 
Please visit our shop to see if there is something you'd like to purchase for yourself or give as a gift for your loved ones.
As always, we have some warm and practical fingerless gloves for men and women. Stay warm this winter!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Holiday craft, wine stopper DIY

This DIY colorful wine stopper is another great quick project to decorate your party table.

All you need is a pre-made wine stopper and some beads of your liking (I bought mine at Michael's but you probably will find them at your local craft store).
I chose the unfinished wooden beads for my project and I wanted some color so I painted my beads with acrylic paint. I used some acrylic coral beads in between.
So it's really easy: choose the beads and arrange them in the order you like. Make sure they will fit to your cork stopper pole.
If you are happy with the future look, undo the arrangement and paint the wooden beads in the colors of your choice. Let them dry thoroughly. If you'd like, use the clear finish on top. Arrange the beads on stopper pole in the planned order.
That's it! Have fun decorating!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Napkin rings with wine cork stoppers, wire and beads, DIY project

This project is absolutely great. It includes a recycling idea since we are using the used wine bottle corks.
This is a great practical idea (you can make them for any holiday dinner party and they are inexpensive) and they are a lovely piece of home decor. Albina (albinasjewelry) and I made this project together during our last get-together gathering and I am going to use my napkin rings for the coming Thanksgiving party. 
 If you like this idea here is how we made this.

Materials and Tools:
Pre-drilled wine corks
Wire 26ga and 20 ga
Beads of your choice
Mandrel, 1” diameter
Round nose pliers

1. Cut piece of 20 a wire, 2 ft long. Slide the wire through the cork’s hole, center the cork. Place a cork against a mandrel and start wrapping the wire ends around the mandrel, feeding the wire ends through the cork’s hole. 

2. Wrap the wire until you have 2” of wire ends coming out the cork. Using round nose pliers and chain nose (or flat nose) pliers, make spirals. Place the spiral so it is covering the hole.

3. Attach 26ga wire; wrap the ring, adding beads.
We made several sets of these using different materials and I've already given 2 sets as gifts to my friends.
They liked them a lot!