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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back to cross stitch

I am finally back in my creative mood again. It's just too many bad things happened last winter - we lost our dog, companion of 14 years baby boy shit zhu, some friends were diagnosed with cancer and are battling it still. Not much space for creativity, hah? But we are all together and this is all what matters :)

I stitched some Angel ornaments for my friends last year - don't you love them? I should really make one for myself, this design is from Wildflower Stitchery & more and it is just too cute! Just a little lovely reminder that Angels are among us

Currently I am working on a series of my new cross stitch designs for the lavender sachets - hope you will like them! I will show it to you as soon as it will be done! Too many ideas and just so little time...

I have a passion for these little things. The sweet scent of lavender reminds me of purple summer fields in Washington State where we lived for a couple of years. I made some sketches of these at the farms and I am trying to recreate them now in my designs. Love purple :)


Anonymous said...

those angel ornaments are SOOOO lovely. I am adding those to my wish list!!!

SocksAndMittens said...

Thank you, Robyn! :)

Marina Vita said...

I looked up a few of your posts with miniature embroidery. A great pleasure and a lot of inspiration! Thanks a lot!