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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Interview with A Star - Julia at JuliaFelt!

I never paid enough attention to felting before. I once saw lovely blue felted slippers on someones photos and I thought: How cute! That was my first impression. When I saw Julia’s felted purses at her shop, JuliaFelt, I thought: Wow, I just have to have one of these! I’ve already pointed to her shop to my husband and reminded him of my birthday coming soon … a lovely one of a kind birthday gift, maybe? I hope so! :)

So I contacted Julia and asked her if she would like to share her vision of felting art with us today. She kindly agreed, so here is Julia from JuliaFelt!

Q: Please tell us a little bit about yourself

A: My name is Yulia. I was born in Russia but moved to Montenegro by the beautiful Adriatic Sea a year ago.

Q: How long have you been felting?

A: I discovered felting 4 years ago. It seems that I can not stop making felt since then! At first I was making scarves and purses for myself but then I started to receive custom orders. People saw my one of a kind items and they were wondering if I could make one for them. So felting is not just a passion for me now but also my job.

There is a lot of creativity in felting, scarves, purses, gloves, clothing, rugs, toys, lamp shades of different shapes and textures. You can make almost anything from felt! Felt is like nothing else, it is light and pleasant to the touch.

Q: What items do you carry in your shop?

A: You can find all kind of things in my store, from personal items like scarves, gloves and coats to jewelry and home d├ęcor items.Q: What would you say makes your shop unique?
I think that would be my purses. They are one of a kind, very fashionable and the ones with a vintage metal frame are very unique. I love making them!Q: What are your main sources of inspiration?

A: I am inspired by the beautiful nature, the sea and the mountains around me. I love art, paintings both modern and old world art. I also love folk art and modern eclectic fashions.

Q: Do you have a favorite item you have made?
My favorite purse named Svarog. It has the elements of old Pagan symbols of my Russian ancestors.Q: Do you take custom orders?
A: Yes, and I am good at following my customers needs. My clients usually love my creations.

Q: Name three things you can’t live without?
A: It is hard to name just three. I would say it is freedom, the ocean and creativity :).

Thank you so much, Julia, for being with us today!

You can find her work at her Etsy store, JuliaFelt or on her web site

Please visit today!


GalaFilc said...

I love Julia fantastic felt

Albina said...

Thank you for sharing! I love Julia's works!

Vikulya said...

Fantastik works!!!!!!!!!I love all of them!

Sasha and Veronika said...

Very talented artist! Every time she creates something I think - this should be in some museum!!! Love your work, Julia!

IrinaN said...

How interesting! I love her items! :0

Oxygen said...

Thank you! very interesting interview. Julia is a very creative artist.

daimblond said...

beautiful things and beautiful post! bravo girls!

JuliaFelt said...

Thank you:) I'm so happy be here!

Katrinshine said...

It's fantastic shop! Thank you for this story, Tanya1