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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mushrooms picking

Since everyone around was talking about mushroom picking lately I had this thought sticking in my head. It was growing and getting bigger until I was obsessed with an idea to go wild mushrooms picking :)We jumped in a car last Saturday and went up north to Flagstaff. We called my friend on the way and she joined us, together with her mother and three kids.Two hours of driving and we are in a mushrooms paradise.
Except... how can you tell? which one is good and which one in poisonous? Choices, choices :) I know some edible mushrooms but I guess I became more careful with age, so each mushroom we picked was sniffed, bitten by my friend or her mother to check for bitterness and either approved or disapproved.
It was fun! we spent about 3 hours running between trees. For the first couple of hours we had about 4 of red headed Russula mushrooms but then we moved to another spot and that's where the fun began! We got 2 buckets of lovely wonderful smelling mushrooms and feel like we can find them on our own now !Well, the sad part begins at home. I am drowning in doubts. Should we eat it? or not? They looked great and our other friend said they are edible (she threw away some from the pile, anyway) and book said they are... but there is so many almost the same looking mushrooms which are not good for you!Anyway, I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning, washing, cutting, boiling and freezing mushrooms. I've decided to take a small bite from each pile every day to see how I will feel... Do you think, it will work?
Doubts, doubts... Maybe, I will better just take a walk in a woods next time :)


IrinaN said...

Looks yummy! :)

Katrinshine said...

Interesing! I think it's good)

Dyche Designs said...

My husband would have been in heaven, he has a thing for mushrooms.

To be honest I'd be nervous. There are some mushrooms which are clear cut but there are others where it's difficult to tell the non poisonous from the poisonous ones so I'd be reluctant to risk eating those ones. Do you have some that there's no question over?

SocksAndMittens said...

Kathryn - I do have some other mushrooms and everyone said they are very good... but I am still not certain. So pity, I loved the process of finding and picking them!