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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Interview With A Star - Sasha & Veronika at Herbolution!

We all are concern about a clean environment to live in. Many of us make a lot of efforts to inflict minimal or no harm to the planet. We buy eco friendly products, recycle, switch to the solar and wind energy and so many other things!

When I came across Herbolution shop on Etsy I was curious to what’s behind the interesting name! So I got in touch with the shop owners and they kindly agreed to tell me and my readers their story. I’d like to introduce you today a couple who chose the green way of living for themselves and also put their Earth friendly thoughts into their products.

Please meet Herbolution!

Q: Please introduce yourself and your company.
A: We are a loving couple, Sasha and Veronika, who love each other, adore Nature and are passionate about creating things. Herbolution is a natural and eco-conscious alternative to conventional bath & body care, home accessories and many gifts.
Q: What is the story behind Herbolution?
A: The best way to describe it would be like this.

After we stepped into a life of eco-conscious living we where constantly seeing the separation of two kinds of people, ones who care about the environment and Mother Nature so much that they sacrifice their personal comforts (the "Eco-geeks"), and people who prefer comfort first and then look for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. So the picture was like this: "eco-geeks" where refusing to use many nice things until there was a proper eco-alternative on a market, while others where using what’s available and enjoying things that were offered by conventional industry.

So we decided to combine the best of two worlds and created Herbolution, where we can equally care for the environment and a customer.

This way everyone is happy with our product. "Eco-geeks" can feel the comfort of our sachets, keyboard wrist supports and eco friendly natural bath products, while other people will feel delightfully spoiled with our natural organic products that care about their beauty and well being.

Q: What would you say makes your shop unique?

A: We are trying to have all the good things in one place. All our products are made from scratch. All the ingredients we are using are 100% natural and mostly organic if available. We are using only biodegradable or recycled packaging. The combination of all of these features makes our store unique and joyful to shop at.

Q: What are your main sources of inspiration?

A: Our inspiration is coming from the beauty and resilience of Mother Nature, as well as permaculture concepts and practices. But the biggest portion of our inspiration is coming from our happy customers!

We’d like to thank all who are dedicated users of Herbolution products for their time and efforts to spread the word and for their descriptive and generous feedbacks.

Q: Do you take custom orders?

A: We LOVE custom orders. Every custom request proves us how conscious the customer is about natural ingredients and appreciates our individual approach.

Q: Do you have a Favorite quote you'd like to share with us?

A: We would like to share few quotes from our Eco-Calendar:

“Because we all share this small planet Earth, we have to live in harmony and peace with each other and with nature. That is not just a dream, but a necessity.” The Dalai Lama

"We cannot solve the problems that we have created with the same thinking that created them." Albert Einstein

Q: Where one can find more info about Herbolution and buy your products?
You can read more on our website or blog ,

follow us on Twitter ,

become a fan on Facebook

shop on our web-store on etsy,

artfire and


If you read this article and decide to shop at one of our stores, feel free to mention “socksandmittens “ in checkout message box to get 10% off your purchase (it will be refunded to you after your payment).

Thank you so much, Sasha and Veronika, we wish you well!


Dyche Designs said...

Great feature.

Katrinshine said...

Interesting story!

TonyaUtkina said...

Wow! It's always nice to meet successful and enthusiastic fellow Etsians! Thanks for the great post!

IrinaN said...

Great interview. They look so cute. :) Great couple; great work!