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Monday, February 28, 2011

New at AGardenCottage, Marbles

We are working hard on our new spring and summer collection for our knit shop, SocksAnMittens but in the same time we are paying much more attention to our vintage shop, AGardenCottage.

There is so much new cute things I'd like to list! But patience, guys :) I am trying to do a listing per day, sometimes two. Our life got a new twist right now so it is hard to find time for everything but please visit our shop often to see whats new!Today I've listed some marbles from my husband's collection. Aren't they beautiful? Marbles for many people are both, nostalgia and a colorful toy and you can quickly become addicted as soon as you started your collection.
Marbles can be made of glass, clay, steel, agate or other stones and some of them are really, really expensive! The size of marbles can vary, too, they can be as small as 1/4" and as large as 12" for display purposes. Various games can be played with marbles and it is so much fun! But you have to be careful as a lot of marbles can be damaged in these games. So you do not want to play these with your vintage marbles :)I love my marbles for color and I really like how they look in clear apothecary jars. I put them in several of these to decorate our home... so pretty!

So please visit our shop to see if you like what we have to offer. The assortment will always be different.


YanArt said...

It's very beautiful for home decor!

Katrinshine said...

I like it! Very beautiful!

TonyaUtkina said...

Lovely marbles! Love all those bright colors!

Maria Veigman said...

Really colorful marbles.:)

Heather Woollove said...

Marbles like yours remind me of my childhood...thanks for a lovely 'blast from the past'. :)

SocksAndMittens said...

Thank you for your comments, guys!