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Friday, July 29, 2011

Potpourri ball, the Holidays gift idea

I bought the clear plastic glass ball at our local craft shop another day with great intentions to crochet around it. When I came home I start to look at this ball from another angle. The clear glass ball is a perfect way to preserve the summer and have it all year around!

So my idea is simple: gather your favorite botanicals, dry them, add 1 drop of your favorite essential oil per 1 cup of dried mix or leave it unscented, it is up to you.

Take the cap off the ball and carefully place your dried botanicals inside.

Put the cap back on and tie a pretty ribbon on top. Add another ribbon to hang the ball. That's it! Your one of a kind small but thoughtful gift is ready!

A plastic clear ball will work fine for this idea but I would use a clear glass one for this purpose. It is more friendly to the Earth and also the scent will stay brighter. The botanical mix, the ribbons and the scent are your choice, there is plenty of choices, just look around!

This idea is also great for the party favors.


Arctida said...

Such a great idea! Thank you for sharing! :)

Albina M said...

Thank you for this idea. I may use it !