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Friday, January 13, 2012

How did we start making socks

We started making socks about 6 years ago.
 We lived in the Pacific Northwest at that moment, on the Olympic Peninsula where the weather is a bit too cold for me. It rains a lot so even though we lived in the banana belt zone there, we still did not get a lot of sun.

Even without a lot of sun the summers were glorious.

So it was one of the chilly fall mornings when I suddenly realized how much I hate slippers. I just don't feel comfortable running back and forth on the carpet and I definitely don't like to have my first cup of coffee feeling cold when I am barefoot!

The store bought socks were nice but slightly too tight on top and they were either too long or too short. I did not like the colors and I was just feeling uncomfortable and had to think of something!

My best solution was I ask my mother, who knits, to make me a pair exactly as I like it. My first pair was in bright colors and helped brighten a dreary / gloomy day. My mornings were peaceful and quiet again.

I was so happy with my socks that my mother made a bunch for my neighbors and we gave them as gifts for Christmas. Everyone loved them and asked for more!
 Now we are making them from several types of yarn. Since I am using them to walk around the house, I like to use a durable acrylic yarn. It is coming in lively colors, acrylic yarn is easy to clean and care for. The socks are thick, warm and strong. They are also great to wear while gardening, perfect to wear inside of clogs or resin boots and machine washable!

The socks you wear with your regular shoes have to be thin enough to feel comfortable but warm. Wool is best material to use in this case but the nature of wool is fragile. Socks get a lot of pressure inside your shoes so to prolong the life of your hand knit item is better to use a blended yarn of wool and polyester.
There are many ways and types of material that yarns are made of and they all have a special purpose. We use many of these blends in our products.

Have happy feet and stay warm this winter!


Eviltwin said...

so sweet)))) I really feel how cozy it should be in your socks in chilly weather!

WoolSolution said...

Like your mom's work - crafted with a great attention to details

Katrinshine said...

VEry interesting story!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Great story! It was really interesting to know how you've started you business.

Albina said...

Thank you for this interesting article!

IrinaN said...

Great story :) I love your socks :)

LaFiabaRussa said...

very nice story.
and beatuful socks!
i have need some socks...