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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My "whats-going-on"

I am preparing for my trip to Ukraine and very excited about it. It is a rush trip but it is going to be fun. I will even have a mini Etsy meeting there!

I have so many great ideas on how to improve my shops and I just simply don't have time right now. I am making notes and hope I will start working on them in August when I am back.

Summer is very hot and exhausting this year. This is the first summer when I realized what a siesta actually means. Stay indoor 12 noon to 4 PM and have a nap if possible. The sun is the killer right now so stay cool and drink lots of water.

Now, back to packing - have a happy summer!


yulia vorobyeva said...

Happy summer to you too!

bysiki said...

Love this cup! )

crafts2love said...

Have a great time packing! Its backing here as well...

IrinaN said...

Have a wonderful trip :)