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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The cold weather attack

It is really cold today here in Phoenix. I used to live in colder climates but low 20-s are rare for the Valley Of The Sun.
I just checked my garden today and my blooming flowers are frozen. I wish I would have thought about this yesterday when I was covering the tender native plants with fabrics and towels. Well, the damage is done and we'll have to take care of the rest now.
It was sunny yesterday and I was not even thinking that the weather could change that quick. I should have suspected it when I got very cold at the Home And Garden Show yesterday. 
I had new cotton knit scarf with me and even thought it was unfinished (we are still working on this design) I wrapped it around my neck and it was a life saver. 
The show was so inspiring. I immediately wanted to make some more improvements  around the house, organize my space, everything... 
I am always fascinated to see how much care and attention people put in their creations to make things work. 
The aroma of cooking food was just more that I could take so we stopped for a quick monster lunch. It was completely unhealthy but it warmed us up. No fresh salads for me in this weather.
Have a wonderful weekend, my readers and stay warm. And if you don't feel warm enough please stop by our socksandmittens shop and see if you need any of our hand knit items :)


Mulberry Whisper said...

Pity about the flowers - hope they recover! Our winter is quite cold this year, too, but right now it is warm.

Your portrait is lovely!

IrinaN said...

I like your lunch-))) Sometimes, I also like to have something unhealthy -)))