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Friday, November 15, 2013

Think holidays

I wish I would take some photos of colorful leaves and pumpkin patches but we don't have them here. Instead we are finally spending more time outside where the garden is in full bloom. The weather is really pleasant and comfortable now.
We count the plants we lost this summer. A beautiful apple tree and some vegetables did not make it through the 115'F summer heat. So we replaced the apple tree with pecan and also added a fig and pomegranate trees, hoping that these will tolerate the heat much better.

When the pomegranate tree was finally planted I went outside and immediately notice that even thought it's not the right shape and kind, it still resembled a Christmas tree. The red fruits were covering the tree and it looked like Christmas ornaments.
 This simple fact put us in a holiday mood so we created some new items for our shop. Some colorful socks, some soft fingerless gloves and cute bottle covers that we made this November and are listed in our socksandmittens shop on Etsy. 

Hope you will like them!

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