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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Glamour Christmas balls

A Christmas tree covered in handmade ornaments is always so darling. Each and every little ornament is made with so much love and care.

I was thinking of some new ideas to decorate our tree this year and found so many of them online. I'd like to share one of these, the Glamour Christmas balls* made mostly with recycled materials. The idea came from Yulia ( bysiki shop on Etsy) who was making these for years for her holiday tree. Julia lives and works in Moscow, Russia and her shop is full of great products for a baby.
So to make these you will need:

a plastic grocery store bag for each ball (a great way to give them a second life!)
1" wide lace ribbon or lace fabric, cut into 1" wide stripes
sequins and beads
fabric glue
Form an even shaped ball from the plastic bag and secure it with the threads. Add some glue to the surface to make sure it will stay in place. Let it dry.
Wrap the lace ribbon around your ball. Now it's time to decorate! Sew the sequins and beads on top of your ball, while securing your lace from unwrapping with coordinating threads. Use your imagination to get the best result!
Make a loop for hanging and here it is! Your new glamorous Christmas ball is ready!

*Published with permission from Yulia bysiki


bysiki said...

Super! )

GalaFilc said...

Interesting idea for Christmas decor

Michal Woodruff said...

Pretty and romantic. Would be perfect on a Victorian or shabby chic tree.

Michal Woodruff said...

You followed an old blog of mine a long time ago. I'm going around to all my followers wishing them a Happy New Year. It looks like you're doing well. Don't be a stranger. Come by and say hello on my new blog. Good luck with all the pretty crafting you do.