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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our winter garden

We had a very warm winter this year so no wonder that my garden is happy. I am picking up cherry tomatoes and bell peppers for our salad right from the bush.

We just harvested our yearly 5 (!) oranges (the orange tree is still a baby) and our lemon meyer tree is in full bloom. Everything in our garden was planted not too long ago so we are pretty happy with how it is turning out.
(Some of the ingredients for this incredible :) art work were happily stolen by our forever-puppy little dog during a photo session and was eaten quietly in a far corner. Bad girl.)
I am already preparing the soil for the spring planting and finding some great seeds to plant. Light gardening makes me happy and I love to take a pictures of our plants! This year I even used some of the pictures to make some new photo cards.
Oh, and the little colorado spruce.
It seems to be happy in the spot it is at and looks like it is going to make some side branches!


Daisies Crochet said...

Lucky Tatiana, fresh own veggies in the winter. We only have snow outside :)

Arctida said...

So cool that you have vegetables in the winter! They look so yummy too :)