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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Vacation in California

We had such a wonderful mid-winter vacation in California. Spring is in full bloom there and it was such a pretty ride through the fruit farms areas. The almonds are blooming, the grapes are barely waking up and huge green avocados are hanging from the branches. What  a lovely picturesque drive! 
I finally had chance to see Carmel-by-the-Sea. I've heard so much about this little town that I always wanted to. I love the beach, the fresh ocean air, crashing waves and of course, local architecture. The houses are so unique, it seems that there are no two alike! 
There are lots of the cutest little shops in the city and you just cannot resist the temptation of getting something to remember Carmel. This is also a dogs friendly town, so the happy dogs are everywhere. I think our two furry babies would love to visit this place!
We visit the Fisherman's Wharf and the shops at Cannery row in Monterey. We lived on a Pacific coast before so it was very nice to be so close to the ocean again!
Our last destination was Solvang, CA. This is a small pretty Dutch style town in Santa Barbara area which was worth the visit.
I loved the city's European architecture and delicious foods at the local restaurants. There is lots of wine tasting rooms but we just did not had enough time! 
I stopped by the Hans Christian Andersen museum and was very happy to see so much memorabilia. When I was a little girl I read his stories but I just realized that there are so many things I never knew about him.
So it was educational, informative and I was very happy to purchase a great book of Andersen's stories translated in English. I started to read it as soon as I got to the hotel room and really, it was a very special night for me! I dreamed of little Thumbelina and a The little match girl. When I woke up I started to think of goblin and the grocer story which I actually did not remember from my childhood.
I love our vacation. It was short but full of events and new places. I hope one day we will have more time to explore them but for right now, I am happy.


DemyBlackDesign said...

Great story about your vacation! And your story reminded me that when I was a little girl my mom bought me fairytales books very often so I have fairytales from different countries :)

SFbeads said...

It looks like you really had a good time! Thank you for sharing with us!

Faye said...

Your first paragraph describing the almond trees, grapes, and avocados made me want to visit in the spring. We've always gone in the fall.

Arctida said...

Beautiful travel pics! Looks like you've had a lot of fun :)