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Monday, May 19, 2014

You can never have enough quality yarn

I was searching for more quality yarns another day and found this lovely peruvian shop BelPunto on Etsy. Marisol, the owner of this shop is offering lovely baby alpaca and puma cotton yarns in pretty colors and gladly accepting custom orders to accommodate the customer's needs.
Alpaca yarn is one of the finest yarn nature has to offer and is made from the hair of alpacas, a domesticated species of South American camelid. They are kept in herds at an altitude of 11,500 ft to 16,000 ft above sea level and resembles small llamas in appearance. Alpaca yarn is soft, warm, fire and moisture resistant and naturally hypoallergenic. 
Baby alpaca yarn  is the most precious and finest type of alpaca yarn. Alpaca wool is light weighted, stain resistant and durable. What better natural fiber can you think of for a making adult and baby clothing!
I wanted to know more about Marisol and her BelPunto shop so I contacted her to find out more about her. Here is what she is sharing with us today:
"I do not remember the first time I held knitting needles, but I have been knitting my whole life! This is a past time that my grandmother passed to my mother and she did the same with us. When my son Renato was born, and many people admired the clothes he was wearing - made by me and my sisters - we decided to start a baby clothing company, which we called Renattoni
I love using these beautiful fibers and am now starting to write some of the patterns, in order to share them... there is only so little we can knit, so much else can be done!!!"
So if you are looking for some quality yarns for your new project please stop by BelPunto shop to see if there is anything for you. 
Or, if you are looking for already made children clothes made with either pima cotton or baby alpaca wool please stop by Renattoni shop. Marisol and her sisters will be glad to help you with your order!
Children with llama


Oksana Ignatova said...

many thanks!
nice story!
i like alpacas!

crafts2love said...

Do you happen to know if Marisol uses suri alpaka or huakaya? Are they the same when spun in yarn or have different qualities?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thank you for your comments! Suri Alpaca is more rare, only 10% of the Peruvian alpacas are Suri, and their wool needs to be combined with other fibers because by itself it is very slippery, almost impossible to knit.
We use 100% baby alpaca wool from Peruvian Huacayo alpacas, specifically from a company called Michell, who breed their alpacas in the Andes of Peru. Some more information about the types of South America Camelids and their wool can be found here: http://www.michell.com.pe/the_alpaca_story_by_michell#alpaca_breeding

crafts2love said...

Thank you! I will follow the link also!

Arctida said...

Oh, I love alpacas yarn! it is so soft and cozy :) Thank you for sharing the links.

Sveta Chay said...

Sometimes I think - time to learn knitting...So great yarn! Thank you Tanya