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Friday, July 11, 2014

River rock necklace with lobster clasp tutorial

Here is another tutorial from Albina (albinasjewelry) on making simple summer necklace with beach finds.
This time we will use a pre-drilled river rock and will make a lobster clasp ( in our previous tutorial we used a pre-drilled coral and a vintage button for the closure).
So here is what you need to make this necklace:

River rock with a hole (or your favorite focal bead)
Waxed cotton cord, 1.5- 2mm – 1.5 times longer then wanted length of the necklace
Lobster clasp
Jump ring (optional, only if the cord does not fit into the clasp) – 1
Fabric glue (optional)

1. Fold the cord in half and insert the folded end into the stone’s hole to form a lark’s head knot. Tighten.

2. Slide the lobster clasp into one of the cord ends*.  Place the clasp ½length of the total necklace plus ½” away from the stone (if your cord has to be 17” long, place the clasp 17”:2+ ½”= 9” away).
3. Make an over-hand knot close to the clasp. You may want to put a drop of fabric glue.
4. Make a fold on another half of the cord using the same measurements. Make an over-hand knot 1cm away from the fold. This will be a loop for the closure.
5. Let the glue dry. Cut of cord tails close to the knot.
* If the cord is too thick and does not fit into the clasp, use a jump ring to attach a cord with a clasp. Keep in mind that extra ring(s) will add extra length to the necklace, so make necessary adjustments.

So your new necklace is ready, enjoy!

1 comment:

Anna Manning said...

Beautiful necklace! Love this easy tutorial.