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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dressed up vintage wooden hair stick/ shawl pin with dangles DIY

I found this hair pin at an estate sale. I actually thought it's a shawl pin but later on Albina (albinasjewelry) recognized it as a hair pin so I am still in doubt. 
Anyway, during our last get-together we gave it a new life so it became a fancy universal accessory.
It already had 3 loops so we practically just embellished it.

Here is how to make it:

  • hair stick with 3 loops
  • 3 headpins
  • 3 cones
  • 3 beads
  • chain - 3 pieces 1" each
1. Cut a chain into three 1” pieces. 
2. Slide a bead and a cone  into a head pin. 
3. Start making a loop on a top of the cone. Slide a link of the chain into the loop.
 4. Make a wrapped loop looking a chain with a cone. 
 5. Make two more chained cones.
6. Using  your chain nose pliers, open a loop on a hair stick. Slide a last link of the chain. Close a loop. 

7. Attach the rest of the cones.

A great quick project and a very pretty result!