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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall stitching Acorns

Isn't it strange, how is your taste change over the years and how your surroundings influence it? Over the years of selling on Etsy my taste is constantly changing. I am originally a city girl who likes skyscrapers and clean lines of modern architecture and now I became a fan of simple nature forms and shapes. My Fall favorites are acorns, pumpkins, leaves and owls.

I stitched this neeldlework holder case last year and I am only now showing it. 

The scissors got lost unfortunately so I guess it was their last photo session :) I am sad about it since I brought them from Ukraine long time ago and they  reminded me of that trip.

What do you like about Fall? What are your favorites? Please share!


Наталия Георгиева said...


bysiki said...

My Fall favorites are leaves too :-).

Katya said...

I love the fall when it's still bright: yellow and orange and red. This year's fall was exquisite!

Sveta Chay said...

Very cute pattern!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Very pretty, the acorns look great.

Arctida said...

So cute! I love acorns in any shape and color :)