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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lilies bouqiet hot batik wall hanging tutorial

Here is how to work in hot batik technique with an example of one of Alla Samoil's painting, a lilies bouquet.
The general idea is that the lightest areas will be covered with melted wax first and then step by step, while adding the paint to the rest of the design to create a layered effect. Doesn't this color layering remind you of a watercolor technique?

Always be cautious while working with hot wax. It is extremely hot and very flammable.

Here is what you need to make this:

a wooden frame
fabric (pre-wash if new)
soft pencil, 8B
bees wax or paraffin
a small crock pot
Pebeo Setasilk or Dye-Na-Flow Fabric paints: yellow, shades of green, dark ochre and brown
variety of brushes (you will not be able to wash the wax away from the brushes so choose the ones you will not feel sorry for later)
some newspapers and some clean white paper
1. Protect your working surface with a plastic cover. Add wax / paraffin to your crock pot and set it on low. The wax will be ready to work with when small amount of melted wax will go through the fabric and not stays on surface. You can test it on a small non working area of your fabric.

2. With pins, stretch your fabric to a wooden frame. Print a sketch of your project on paper and freehand your image to your fabric lightly by pencil.
When you are done, we will start working with melted wax and paints.

3. Use your thin brush  to cover the stamens of the lilies with a melted wax.With a thicker brush, apply the yellow paint on the rest of your design and add some very light shades of yellow, green and brown colors to the plants image (please refer to pictures for a color application). Lay your work horizontally and let it dry completely.

4. Cover the flowers petals and the middle of the leaves with a melted wax. Apply the light green paint and some darker shades of yellow, green and brown on your painting. Let it dry.
5. Cover the rest of petals and some parts of leaves with a melted wax. Use the dark ochre paint to cover the rest of design. Let it dry.
6. Cover the plants completely with a melted wax in the same manner. Apply a dark brown paint to cover the background of your painting. Let your design dry.

7. Cover the entire design with a melted wax. To remove it from your painting, sandwich your design in between a sheets of newspaper and a clean white paper and iron it out. Discard the wax.

Your painting is done! Now you can frame it and  hang it on a wall for a pretty display


Natalis Iolalis said...

Таня а на русском гдето можно почитать?

SocksAndMittens said...

Natali, yes, please follow the link to read this tutorial in Russian http://allaras.livejournal.com/73584.html Thanks!

DemyBlackDesign said...

Как я люблю батик и особенно горячую технику! Столько возможностей, когда работаешь с воском!