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Sunday, January 21, 2018

A birds day

Yesterday was a very nice peaceful winter day. We had so many birds in the garden that I grabbed my camera and started to shoot, first through the window and then went outside to through some seeds and pour some fresh water in the hummingbird feeder. A little hummingbird was not alone in a couple of minutes, the woodpecker hungrily joined the sweet feast.
A very cute mockingbird sat on a branch and was watching me while I was watering plants. I threw some pomegranate seeds for it to enjoy so a bird was just waiting for me to get out of way and did not mind my camera at all.
I couple of mourning doves, sparrows, a funny jumping Abert's Townhees and quails were also here to get some seeds fallen from the trees. Then the wind started, it brought a rain and everyone disappeared to their hiding places. Well, I am glad they had al least some of food to fill their tummies before the cold night.
Winter is such a hard time for the wild life. The day before we parked on the hospital's parking lot to take mom for her surgery and we heard a chorus of hungry coyotes right outside where we were. Canadian geese are staying around the lakes to stay warm during cold times up North. We've seen some rabbits and smelt a skunk. As long as we live here, I am always surprised how the wildlife found the way to co-exist in such a huge megalopolis as Phoenix. And I am always grateful for a chance to see them free and that close.

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