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Thursday, July 5, 2018


It happened that we had lots of pretty fresh cut flowers last June. It was a very very sad reason for that but flowers soften things a little. They made me feel better.
Some flowers lasted longer than the others and some were so pretty that I dried them to use for my photo shoots. Some of them inspired me to get some seeds for maybe planting them in our garden. But I still wanted to know more about how to prolong a life of a gorgeous fresh cut bouquet.
While browsing the Internet, I came across an interesting website ( https://centre-flower.ru/ ) with beautiful floral photos and good info. I read some of their posts, liked their tips on fresh cut flower's care and contacted Natalia Kanunnikova, the Motley Grass floral studio owner, for permission to share it with my readers. Natalia agreed and I will be happy to post some of it this summer.

The Motley Grass delivers flowers in Moscow, Russia region so if you'd like to send some pretty flowers to people you care about in that part of the world, please visit their site to order. They do beautiful bouquets for any occasion. 


Natalis Iolalis said...

очень люблю такие пестрые букеты, они похожи на полевые

SocksAndMittens said...

Да, мне тоже очень понравился этот букет, такое неожиданное сочетание растений и цвета.

Anonymous said...

Great article.

Sveta Chay said...

beautiful peonies, I like them so badly ))