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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two weeks together

2 weeks are gone and we learned a lot about each other. Ruby is a very sweet little girl when she is sleepy or just woke up. She is so cuddly and lovable! But wait until it is time to play and better be ready to catch her !!! Also, she got some new teeth and she is not afraid to use them! :)

I thought she might need last name, too, so here it is - Ruby Trouble :)

But we love her to death :)

By the way, who would of think that puppy can change so much in just 2 weeks! She already looks like a miniature young dog! I am glad I am taking so many photos of her because pretty soon we all will forget these sweet little puppy's days full or rose petals and sweet dreams:)


Dyche Designs said...

Those young years are so much fun, despite all the trouble they get in to. Looks like she's already become very much part of the family. Cute pictures.

lisaroy said...

so sweet! reminds me of when we got our puppy at 6 weeks old - so adorable!

Aleksandra Roo said...

How cute is she!!! Such a sweet little pup!! Ohhh, they are little devils in that age) Hope she grows not too fast ;) Adorable plushy toy!