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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Russian Pelmeny

Have you ever tried PELMENY?

This is traditional Russian dish which has been known for centuries and still very popular this days.

Originally the idea of pelmeny came from China but spread quickly in Siberia, Russia. Women of several families would gather together during the cold time of year to make hundreds of these little guys. They would store it outside the window in sacks like little frozen stones. When needed all they had to do is throw them in a salty boiling water! Great quick hot meal for a cold day!

The process of making these is not quick, thought. That's why a lot of people this days prefer to buy a frozen pre-made pelmeni from a supermarket. In some parts of Russia where I have been there is also an inexpensive little restaurants called Pelmennaya where the only dish is served - pelmeni! They are making these with different fillings and serving it with ketchup, butter, sour cream, vinegar or tasty sauces - mmmm... yum!

Since we don't have places like this here in Arizona we are making it ourselves from time to time. It takes time and effort, but it tastes sooo good!

I would not say it is an elegant dish or not exactly a dieting material :) but who can resist a little treat from time to time!


Dyche Designs said...

Never heard of them but they look like great comfort food.

IrinaN said...


Share with me recipe please. I've tried a couple times to make them in America, but it seems like flour is different here. Dough was thick and very firm. Or if I added less flour, it was sticky. Thanks!

BeBeKK@ said...

Ооо, пельмени....это я люблю :))) И именно домашние, а не покупные. Сейчас их конечно за окно не похранишь, но в морозилке им тоже хорошо :))) Особенно люблю китайскую версию начинки из куриного филе и свежей петрушки. Получаются очень нежными. А ежели еще и с уксусом и соевым соусом...ммм....аж слюнки потекли :)))

NStrelkova said...

Love pelmeni!!!!!!!

SocksAndMittens said...

Thank you for your comments, guys!

Irina, I would be happy to share the recipe with you. All purpose flour is working best for making these!

SocksAndMittens said...

To BeBeKK@ - I love your version, too! sounds delicious!

Josh said...

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Graphic Design by Tara said...

Looks yummy and carbilicious!