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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Felted acorns

When we opened our shop on Etsy in the summer of 2009 I came across a lot of wonderful people, got many creative ideas and learned about new techniques. I loved many of them but one of craft areas attracted my attention most was felting.

I don't have any plans to make this my full time hobby but I'd like to make something small for myself from time to time.

So of course I have been looking at easy-to-follow tutorials since this is a new craft for me. I was thinking of cute felted acorns I saw on Etsy and I was hoping to make something like this. I searched some blogs and found this great tutorial from Tonya.
I immediately purchased some roving wool and made some of these yellow mustard colored acorns.
Aren't they cute?
The process of making beads is not very simple. The beads don't want to be perfectly shaped and some of them still have a little crack in the middle. But it was my first attempt so hopefully it will become better with practice. With the additional I am going to make I may have enough to decorate our Thanksgiving table next fall.
Thank you, Tonya, for the great tutorial, I really enjoyed making these!


Jayna Rae said...

Those are VERY cute!!!

Lovely Trifles said...

so lovely acorns!!!
love it!!!

Arctida said...

OMG! Those little acorns are so cute! Great work Tanya, especially for the first try!

Lana. said...

I do have time to see your blog !

Vikulya said...

Fantastic acorns!I love all Tonya's works!

TonyaUtkina said...

Tanya, your acorns look super cute!!! Love them!

rizalaYa said...

Congrats! Your acorns are very nice! I'll try to make it with wool as well.