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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween fun ideas and the free bag toppers' graphic from GraphicLand

Halloween is all about the fun and treats and it taste better when it comes in pretty wrappers or has a nice tag. So I contacted one of my favorite graphic shops on Etsy, the GraphicLand, to get some new ideas and inspirations for the coming holiday. Irina, the owner of the shop was very kind to answer some of my questions and she also made a Halloween bag topper especially for my blog readers.

1. What does Halloween mean to you?
Halloween is not widely known in my country as in America. When I came here, I had heard about this day, but I had never celebrate it. So all what I know, I absorbed here - in America.

The holiday didn't become the day which we celebrate in my family, but it's definitely a fun day for me. I like the costumes, the tradition of trick-or-treat... :) And the most I like is the fun that people have around. My favorite thing about Halloween is to get a camera and to go to downtown to take picture of costumed people while they are trick-or-treating :)

2. Would you share some tips with us on how to use your images for Halloween?
I would love to share bag toppers* images for Halloween. I really believe they are going to be useful to decorate party favors. You just need to print, fold them, and attach to plastic bags with stapler. Hope you'll like them. :)

* These bag toppers were designed to fit a clear self sealed bag  about 5 1/4" by 7 1/4"

3. Name 3 things you would always use for Halloween party.
I would say spooky decoration, good friends and family, and of course a lot of food and fun. :)


Natalka Pavlysh said...

interesting interview, thank you for sharing!

IrinaN said...

Thank you for featuring me! :)


Anastasia Fedorova said...

Beautiful designs! Thank you for sharing! :)