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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The holidays with galafilc

I have been in Europe right before the Christmas once. It's wonderful and it's truly feels like you are in a fairy tale city. Every house is decorated with care and falling snow is just making this picture even more magic.

Holiday time in Poland, where Galina*  (galafilc) is from, is beautiful. So I asked Galina to share with us some holiday thoughts and it truly put me into a Holiday spirit!

1. What does December mean to you?
December means winter for me and snow and the holidays. 
You have to think of gifts, you have to think of what to cook for your holiday table. Here in Poland you will receive your gift on Christmas eve. At night the family will gather together around the holiday table to greet Christmas and share the meal. By tradition the  number of dishes on the holiday table are 12. The meal is simple but sophisticated. Some believe the 12 dishes will bring you luck in the coming year. The guests will share the oblatok, wish happy Christmas to each other and then will be looking for the gifts under the Christmas tree.

2. What 3 things give you the most Holiday spirit?
The Christmas tree, of course! I love it when it is decorated with colorful ornaments and lights. The gifts are carefully wrapped in a pretty paper or hidden in a packages. The aroma of cinnamon, clover and candied fruits which is widely used in cooking at this time of year. You can find them in a poppy seed roll or a Christmas cake but also in some dishes with fish and vegetables.

3. What warm things you would always recommend to have in your wardrobe?
I would always have a good warm sweater with a big collar in my wardrobe. Of course, colorful scarves, hats and mittens. The bright colors will help to brighten the gray days and the dark nights. 

Some warm socks are should always be on hand. They are even warmer when made by your mother or a grandma :)
 *Galina is a creator of many wonderful felted scarves, jackets, mittens and so much more! Visit her shop to see for yourself!


GalaFilc said...

Thank you so much. Your blog is beautiful. Best of luck!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Great story!

IrinaN said...

Very interesting :) Thank you for sharing!

Yana said...

Wonderful article! Thank you for sharing your holiday spirit!