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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Knit cell phone sleeve, beach style

Spring in Arizona is more like mid summer in Europe. The nights and the mornings are slightly chilly and the afternoons are hot and lazy.

So I am always dreaming of a vacation by the sea at this time a year. I am actually even shopping for outfits I would wear if we'd go. I am looking at maps, searching for the best travel deals and dreaming of snorkeling.

It happened again this year. I've already pick up some new beach style gowns and looking for the perfect purse and shoes. While I am still shopping I've got an idea on a great knit beach bag which would be big enough to hold everything I need. 

This idea is still in a process but while working on it we made a small cotton sleeve for my cell phone to match the bag. It's color reminds me of white coral bleached by the sun on the seashore. The design is simple but this is what I love about it.
We made one like this for our Socksandmittens shop on Etsy - stop by if you need one!


TatianaS said...

Very beautiful sleeve. Love this color

TatianaS said...

great pics!

IrinaN said...

Cute phone case :)