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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good Morning

If you wake up early in a morning and explore, you might see some pretty cool things. The ones you normally can not see during the day.

We wake up at 4 AM (or even earlier) every day but most of the time we are starring at the computer screen sipping tons of coffee. For a difference, we decided to take a walk in a desert yesterday and I am very happy we did!

What we saw on our way:

- lots of huge trucks full of carrots and the whole carrot field full of people working at gathering them. They were not for public sale sadly.

- gorgeous red wing blackbirds hiding in a barley field. I don't see them around our neighborhood.

- blooming cactuses. They are simply gorgeous...

... and very thorny, by the way!


Albina M said...

Be careful with cacti- some of them have "fish-hook" thorns!
Love the pictures BTW :)

Yulia Kazansky said...

Wonderful photos, Tanya! Been in Arizona twice, want to go again.

IrinaN said...

Cute blooming cactus. I wish I could see it :)

Aleksa Torri said...

So beautiful.