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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Living desert

Saguaro cacti are in full bloom right now. It is so beautiful to see the giant thorny desert candle happy.
 The birds love the saguaro, too. It's safe home for some of them.
 If you will walk by quietly you will here the little babies yelling, feed me!
The desert is full of life now and even slightly noisy from the bees getting a sweet nectar from the saguaro flowers, birds singing and all the little animals doing their things.
While the desert is still cool in the morning, you can see a lot of the desert inhabitants. Now is the time to visit the desert!


blueberrycream said...

Beautiful! Love Arizona!

IrinaN said...

Cute :) Especially the bird in the cactus :)

Arctida said...

Such a Beauty! I hope I get to visit Arizona at some point of my life!