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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Etsy live in Ukraine

My vacation is over and I am happy to be back home. The trip to Ukraine was full of emotions and new impressions. I was very happy to see my old friends, family and was lucky to meet new friends.

One of the trip highlights was a very nice evening with fellow etsyans from the Russian Artists Team. 
 We met downtown at the green park full of wonderful old trees and great architecture. We sat and talked at a little cafe and exchanged the cutest gifts. 
 Then we walked on the evening city streets full of lights, life and people. I had a wonderful time. I wish I could do this more often.

Thank you, girls for finding time to meet with me:
 Daria from Dariami

Maria from LovelyTrifles

Natasha from Grimme

Polina from Beautyspot

I wish you best of luck and hope we'll meet again!


Maria Siyanko said...

It was great meeting!
Was glas to see all!

WoolSolution said...

It's a wonderful to see your smiling faces. Proud to be in a team with you.

Katerina Dickin said...

wow really nice girls. and all so talented...

Katerina Dickin said...

so nice girls and so talanted

oksana Kiseleva said...

Какие вы здоровские! как здорово, что встрелись!

IrinaN said...

So nice to see all of you :)

Natalka Pavlysh said...

It's great that you've met! I wish I was in Kiev!

Mulberry Whisper said...

It is good to be able to get together live! Lovely to see everyone, smiling, beautiful and so real :)