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Thursday, September 27, 2012


We purchased this charming pink flower last fall and potted it outside.

With our warm winters the plant was blooming all winter long and did not required any special care but watering. 
 Then suddenly in April it dies with the first heat wave.  I was very sad to see the plant go but I read in my favorite garden book that it dies and it will grow again after some period of dormant time.
I took the pot inside and left it in a dark corner. There was no plant but little plants stalks were still showing a little bit from the surface. I watered it once a month but nothing was happening.

In August I was almost ready to say good buy to the plant and moved it to the lighter spot. I started to water it weekly. In about 2 weeks I noticed the first leaves coming through.
The plant is happy and full of life. I still have it indoors but it seems to be begging to be outside and breath fresh air.
 Simple things like this make me happy. I kind of feel that I might have a green thumb :) or just happy that I read the label.


Arctida said...

It is so pretty when it's blooming! I'm glad it survived and coming back strongly :)

Mulberry Whisper said...

What a lovely flower! Thank you for sharing pictures from different stages. I have never seen a cyclamen live, by the way, and it is so beautiful - I am impressed!

Almost Precious said...

I've always liked cyclamen, they look so exotic and delicate. It's nice to know that your little plant rose up again, like the fabled Phoenix from its ashes. :)

SocksAndMittens said...

Thank you for your comments, guys. I've seen the red ones for sale yesterday so I am thinking about it now.

IrinaN said...

It's gorgeous!