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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In a mood for rustic

You can tell, I am in a mood for rustic this year.I am picking natural colors for our knit items, decorating our house with vintage clay pottery and browsing through hundreds of rustic style pictures on Pinterest for inspiration.

I am in a mood for simple but sophisticated in it's simplicity.
So  we made several items this Fall which were inspired by the yarn itself. 
 We knit some socks, some gloves and mittens and I am still trying to make some Christmas stockings but it seems that there is not enough time. We are already working on some custom orders.

Fall is the most enjoyable time of year for me. Our garden is coming back to life after the hot summer and we are harvesting a generous amount of Armenian cucumbers. 
 We planted them in curiosity last spring and we are really enjoining this great produce. I am trying to can them but it seems that they are producing faster then we can pickle them :)
Some new birds appeared in our garden. They are blue and gray and seems to be interested in the sweet water from our hummingbird feeder. Another day they went through my dried fruits and collection of natural things we have picked up, and left them in a mess all over the patio. It's pretty interesting to see how wildlife is getting comfortable around people. 
 The only thing we are missing here right now is some colorful leaves. A day long trip up north might be a great idea to contribute to the Autumn mood.
But for now I am just making some yellow & brown leaves from paper to add some autumn charm to our Fall decor.


Lana said...

I like rustic natural colors too.

Galia Grayevsky said...

I love rustic fall too... It is unfortunate that we don't have this autumn period here in Israel :(

oksana Kiseleva said...

very nice!
belle foto!
belli lavori!

Arctida said...

Great pictures! Love the rustic feeling as well :)

Mulberry Whisper said...

I love this style so I fully support this trend of yours )) And that bird is so cute, I wonder what its name is.

SocksAndMittens said...

Thank you for your comments, guys. Mulberry, the bird on my photo is a hummingbird. The blue and gray one I was mentioning is a gnatcatcher. I did not get a picture of that one yet.

IrinaN said...

So autumn mood! :) And there is gloomy rainy day today in my place. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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