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Sunday, November 4, 2012


We spoke about termites yesterday with one of our team members. I remembered I recently took a picture of their habitats in desert and would like to share it with you:
 Now, think of what they can do to your home. 
Update on termites: when I noticed the comment by this post left by Melissa I realized that I did not mention that termites are good for the Earth. They do not damage the live plants, they are practically working as a cleaners by removing the dead wood from the face of planet. So everything in nature a special purpose and it works in harmony. The unfortunate thing is that they do not know the difference between the wood in your house and a dead tree on the ground.


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Melissa said...

You have to admit that they are magnificent creatures, though.

<3 Melissa

Arctida said...

So cool! I've never seen this kind of branch-structures made by termites! I always assumed they build big pyramid-like structures in the wild, as seen on nature channels :)