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Monday, December 15, 2014

A Holiday tree cross stitch necklace DIY

This cross stitch necklace is a very quick project for the coming Holidays. I made mine in cheerful green and red Christmas colors but you can choose any colors you want.

 To make this, you need:
pre-made brass necklace with round pendant setting (I made my necklace together with Albina albinasjewelry)
white cardstock
white felt
linen to cross stitch
DMC threads
Fabric/ paper and all purpose glue
embroidery and beading needles, scissors, i

How to make this:

Measure your pendant diameter and cut a circle from cardstock and another one from felt to fit inside the circle. Cut a 3rd circle from a linen fabric but make it overlap the cardstock circle, about 1/4" all the way around.

Fold the linen circle to find the center of the design and stitch your little Christmas tree. Carefully iron it and start to assemble.
Glue the felt circle on top of cardstock. Place the stitched design on top of your cardstock & felt sandwich and make some small vertical cuts all the way around the linen circle to fold the extra fabric around the base. Add some glue around the cardstock perimeter and fold the excess of linen towards the center to make a perfect round stitched insert for your brass pendant. Place it in between 2 sheets of white paper and put in under a heavy book for about 10 minutes to make it flat.
Glue your finished ornament to the pendant setting with all purpose glue. Place it under the book to grip for 10 more minutes. Sew the beads around the perimeter.
Here is a free cross stitch chart for you to make this, A Holiday Tree:
Happy Holidays!


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Unknown said...

So cute tiny Christmas tree!

ReStyleGraphic said...

Cute Christmas tree!

Unknown said...

So beautiful and easy to make!