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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A little red fox

A little red fox is my favorite image this December.
I've already went through Pinterest to see the beautiful fox photographs, bought a sleeping fox figurine at an antique shop, cross stitched a cute fox embroidery, and I am stamping my holiday gift tags with a little fox wearing a scarf image. Foxes are everywhere for me this Holiday season!
I mentioned this on our Etsy forum and one very talented artist sent me her fox painting to add to my collection.
What a wonderful surprise! Thank you, Elina from sublimecolors! I am framing it right now and it will be a part of our holiday decor this year.
Wait until you see the other images from her shop. The paintings are so beautiful and so colorful. There are stories behind each and all of them! Her images were also put on pillow cases and they are so pretty. I just love Elina's art.
The holidays are almost here and we are very busy with our custom orders this year. We are so grateful to our customers for letting us be a part of their gift giving. Please enjoy our product!   
Best wishes from socksandmittens this holiday season.


Sveta Chay said...

Sweet picture )

eudokia m said...

Обожаю лисичек

Mulberry Whisper said...

Lovely theme! I do adore foxes!

Arctida said...

How can one not love foxes, they are so cute :)