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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Warm hands, warm heart

This Fall and winter season is so unusually cold for our warm state. I constantly need something warm over my shoulders and a cup of hot tea. The weather is still very pleasant, just the right temperature for warm and cozy things.

The warm and cozy mittens for those, who have real winters are already in our socksandmittens shop. 
We choose mostly traditional Christmas red, white and green shades to make these but we also have some other pretty colors. 
Please visit our shop to see if there is something you'd like to purchase for yourself or give as a gift for your loved ones.
As always, we have some warm and practical fingerless gloves for men and women. Stay warm this winter!


Sveta Chay said...

pity! in Australia is summer now to wear such nice gloves!

SocksAndMittens said...

well, come back to us later when it's colder in Australia :) thank you for your comment!

ReStyleGraphic said...

Very nice gloves and just for our weather!