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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Crochet wire & bead bracelet tutorial

Here is a crochet wire and bead bracelet tutorial from OlgaUryvskaya's book, as I promised.

To make a stylish bracelet like this you will need a 0.3 mm thick black jewelry wire, a steel crochet hook 1.25 (US 8), a variety of beads in different shapes and a bracelet buckle closure.
Choose your beads and mix them all together. The more unique your mix is, the better!
String all of your beads onto the wire. You can arrange them in a pattern or randomly.
Measure the width of your bracelet buckle closure side to decide how wide your bracelet should be. In our project it requires a chain of 5.

Measure your wrist to decide what bracelet length you want. Remember to make it longer to be able to open and close your bracelet comfortable. Use your watch band as a guide.

Bracelet pattern:

Stitches used (US crochet terms)
ch - chain
st - stitches
dc - double crochet

Ch 7 loosely.

Row 1. 1 dc into the 3rd chain from the hook, 1 dc into each chain till end. Ch 2, turn

Row 2. 1 dc into each st to end (slide a bead up and catch it in your next st, on every stitch). Ch 2, turn
Repeat round 2 until your bracelet is the desired length.

Work loosely to achieve a lace effect and smooth your work with your hands while working.
Finish off (leave approximately 6" length of wire).
Attach your bracelet buckle using the 6" wire tail. Make sure you have no sharp wire end.

Put it through the holes of beads to hide and your bracelet is ready!
If you'd like to smooth your work, place it in between of 2 towels and carefully roll on top with a roller.


Olga Uryvskaya said...

Thank you so much Tatyana for you attention.

ReStyleGraphic said...

A wonderful lesson. Very unusual technique, thank you for sharing. The result is delicious!