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Monday, June 15, 2015

Olga Uryvskaya's first book is published!

I am always so happy to hear about a success of my etsy team mates. This news this month is that Olga Uryvskaya (MiracoliSpB shop on Etsy) had her first book published.
This book is about pretty crochet jewelry and home decor made with wire and beads. There are 63 pages in this book and it is filled with photographs and DIY tutorials.

The book is published by Phoenix books publisher and it's available in Russian language only at this time. So for Russian speaking readers the title of the book is "Вязаные украшения из проволки" by Ольга Урывская. But even if you are not fluent in Russian you still can follow the instructions since tutorials are pictured step by step.
 Olga is a very busy person. She runs a hotel in St. Petersburgh and loves her job. On her free time, she creates crochet jewelry and cute little crochet dolls. You can find the items she creates in her Etsy shops, MiracoliSpB and Creativhook.

With Olga's permission I will translate one of her projects from her book on my blog and will publish it soon.
Congratulations on your book publishing, Olga! A way to go!


Olga Uryvskaya said...

Thanks Tanya for the article. I hope that my master class you will learn how to create beautiful jewelry for yourself and your friends.

Natalia Georgieva said...