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Thursday, December 3, 2015

How to repair a broken necklace

A year ago, my friend and I went to a restaurant to celebrate my Birthday. My friend was wearing a pretty chain and bead necklace she purchased at the department store. Suddenly, the necklace broke into 2 parts and all the beads went to the floor! My friend was so upset. I told her I have a friend who could repair this, or possibly, make a new one from what's usable. We spend 10 minutes gathering the beads and chains. I put them in my purse and that was the end of unfortunate event that day.

During one of our craft gatherings with Albina Manning (albinasjewelry) I showed her the pieces. So we thought of what we could possibly do with these. We played with the chains and beads a little, added some new pieces and voila, and we made a pair of earrings and one great tear shaped necklace. A lovely set to wear for a New Years Eve!

If you will ever need to repair or remake yours, here is Albina's notes on how she repaired the one we had. Make the necessary adjustments while creating your piece!

"I opened all jump rings to separate the beads and "curvy" pins. I decided to use already made loops that beads had.  
 Check out all the loops - if the loop was not closed properly, just close the loop with round nose pliers.

To make the earrings, I used 12 beads, 2 double looped pins, 4 jump rings, and a pair of ear wires.

Slide 6 beads and a pin onto a jump ring. Close a ring. Take another jump ring and attach the second pin's end and an ear wire; close a jump ring. 

Repeat these steps to make the 2nd earring.

Pendant: 12 beads, 1 double looped pin, 2 jump rings, chain with a clasp.

Slide 6 beads and a pin onto a jump ring. Close a ring. Take another jump ring and attach 6 beads, the second pin's end, place a chain into a jump ring; close a jump ring.

IMPORTANT: close all the jump rings properly, if there is a gap, you will loose the beads. "


Sveta Chay said...

well done )

Natalis Iolalis said...

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