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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Desert hike and the jumping cactus

Spring has come to the desert! It looks like the cactuses are ready to bloom and it is just a matter of time when we'll see them in full bloom.
The sun is shining and the temperature is just right. A perfect time for picnics!

We were lucky to find some time for a short hike in the desert. There are many people there right now. Everyone is very friendly and it is pleasant to exchange simple hellos and good mornings when we meet on the narrow trail.
It was an interesting moment while we were there and it happened with us for a second time now. There was a group of teenagers standing on the trail next to a teddy bear cholla cactus, known also as a jumping cholla. They said they are waiting to see when the cactus is actually going to jump.
The thing is, it will not. The cactus got its name because that little balls of barbed spines cholla stems are easily detached when brushed against. The spines give it the soft furry looks of a teddy bear.
It is tempting to touch it (believe me!) but beware. It will end up on your skin or clothing. The little balls are a young plants which will root when they hit the ground. They can be carried away by the animal or unsuspecting person and will root in another corner of desert. This is the way the plant reproduce and spread itself.
If you get this on you, don't try to grab it and pull it off because it will now be in your hand also. The best way to remove it is with a hair comb by placing it in between you and a cactus and flicking it away. Make sure nobody is in the way where you flicking it! Pick out any thorns still there.
A little botanical lesson, huh :)
Anyway, it was nice to get some desert air and see that things are ready for spring. It was a cold winter this year so we are ready for some sunshine.


Sveta Chay said...

interesting life is there !

Viki ReStyleGraphic said...

Beautiful pictures. Very informative, thanks for sharing.

Katrinshine said...

It was very interesting to read about jumping cactus)

Irina Tretyakova said...

A very interesting lesson! )) It's like burr )

Natalis Iolalis said...

первая фотография такая вкусная. а у нас снег идет за окном

Cranberry Morning said...

Nice pics! They all look very pokey. :-) Thank you for following my CranberryMorning blog. I checked out your 'web page,' your ETSY Shop. Everything looks fantastic! - Judy (HomemadeSoapnSuch.Etsy.com) Have a wonderful weekend.

SocksAndMittens said...

Thank you for your comments, guys!