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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Irish knits and St. Patricks Day

I love St. Patricks Day and I always start to think of it in the middle of winter. It is my way to wait for spring. I am taking lots of Irish inspired photos and going through Celtic knot images. Isn't it fun to learn their meaning?

Last winter I had many customers contacted me with request for a slouchy socks and aran knits. So, to answer these and also make my tribute to St. Patricks Day, I added some new items to my shop. There are some long socks in traditional off white color and also new fingerless gloves in oatmeal and gray shades.
The patterns I used for these were a combination of diamonds and cables. Not the easiest ones but so pretty.

Did you know that every cable pattern had a meaning on the Aran Islands? Like with many other folkloric designs, it reflected a people's daily lives or activities. There is much more behind every knit aran pattern then just a pretty stitch. 
So please stop by my socksandmittens shop to see our new hand knit aran items. I know you will like them!


Viki ReStyleGraphic said...

Oh! You've created wonderful patterns, it looks difficult and very attractive.

Natalis Iolalis said...

какие же теплые и уютные. так и хочется носить

Katrinshine said...

So cute socks!

Natalia Georgieva said...


Sveta Chay said...

love your style Tanya!