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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another lovely exchange

I love Holidays Exchanges :)

I found another brown package in my mail box, I ripped it open to the pieces right there and found the cutest little box inside... but this box had a note on top.

It says: Wait! Can you wait until December 25th?HA! Who can?

Sorry, Albina, I opened it right there :) I just HAD TO KNOW!Inside was the prettiest earrings and bracelet and earrings set for me and my mother. It is gorgeous!
Such a wonderful job! The set looks very good on me and long earrings are perfect for my Mom.Thank you so much, Albina, we both just love our presents!

I am so happy we have met and become friends. Have a happy holidays, our best wishes to you and your family!


YanArt said...

Very beatiful! I like it! Congrats!

rizalaYa said...

So beautiful! Very nice gift for you and your mom. Congratulations!

LiriGal said...

Tanya, beautiful suprise!

Katrinshine said...

So beautiful!

IrinaN said...

WOW! Great gift :)

Dyche Designs said...

What beautiful gifts, he, he, he, I have so many friends who can't wait until the 25th either.

Jane_Bo said...

Very beautiful gifts! to wait until 25 - it's too difficult for everyone)

Jayna Rae said...

What fun!!!

Albina said...

Finally I found this post. Better late then never :)
I am happy to have you as a friend too!