Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentines gift ideas for men

If you still have not decided what to get for your men for Valentines, think of practical gifts. Something he could use all the time when he needs it and remember it was a gift from you. Small accessories, perhaps, manly jewelry, something thoughtful and cute. He will think of you while wearing these and not only on February 14th!

We are still working on custom orders but in the same time we are trying to add some new nice items to our shop. Like these light gray gloves, for example:These are made of light gray 100% merino wool, they are warm, cozy and stylish. We called this model City because they would be one of my friends choices to wear in megatropolis downtown!

We also experimented with some graduated color yarn since we had some customers requests recently. So we came with this model in Earth tones, Rust:The colors are exciting and they will add some fun to the gray winter days.

Our classic model Town is also available for sale:
If you'd like to get it in different color please let us know. Right now it is available in gray (shown on photo), dark olive, charcoal and black.

So think of your man and make that guy with the cold hands warm heart into a guy with warm hands warm heart!


lana said...

Beautiful Valentines gift ideas for men and for womens too

Katrinshine said...

Great idea!

Kathryn Dyche said...

Those are all beautiful, I especially love the rust colored ones.

IrinaN said...

Look cozy :)

Hilda said...

Dear Tanya,
these are really beautiful mittens (and presents for valentines day)
But when I read your post title I remembered one mitten I knitted years ago. A "Love"-mitten. I was one mitten for two people and it was formed as a heart (they were able to hold hands in it).
But the explanation for this knitting was not very good - so the finished work did not look perfect.
But you - as a perfect knitter - perhabs you can create such a valentine-mitten (and if so, I will ask you for the explanations ;-) )


SocksAndMittens said...

Hilda, thank you so much for the idea! This sounds really good! I have to think on how to make these, sounds just perfect

rizalaYa said...

So warm and cozy gift! Great idea!

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