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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Halloween wonderful

You will not believe what I was doing for the last week. Please, guess ... oh, please, oh please!

You have no idea?

Oh, well, I'll tell you. My friend and I suddenly got that Halloween rush (again) and we are planning the best Halloween Party ever!

At least, we hope :)Our annual Halloween parties became a big hit already among our friends. Usually it takes about 30 to 35 people to party and we have about 4 hours of pure fun! This is the only time in a year for us when we don't have to be ourselves and can wear strange or silly wigs and costumes.
This 4 hours is filled with laughs, games, great food and music and this all is just for us!We are already working on a program (it is going to be fun, I promise! :) and there is really a lot of things to do.
So I am busy now with planning, decorating and adapting games to our taste, and I am still not sure who I am going to be this year... kind of like the idea of a can can girl :)I will keep you posted on updates. Oh, and if you like any particular games to play during parties like these please let me know, I am always looking for a new ideas!


Katrinshine said...

I think You will organize great party! In Italy we have similar parties in the end of Carnival

getarround said...

Such a fun!!!! You were having a wonderful time, I can see...
You look gorgeous, Tanya!


TonyaUtkina said...

Ha-ha! What a great post! I wish I was there!

IrinaN said...

Seems like you had a lot of fun :) Ukraine is the best. LOL